The model MBS-300 reproduces all the traditional bagpipe-playing parameters in a hyper-realistic way. With MBS-300 we play a real bagpipe bellows with real blow and pressure control of the actual bellows, directly affecting the sound response.

MBS-300’s sensors respond to glissando and vibrato, and you can play it using any traditional bagpipe technique. Fingering is fully programmable by the user and there are no range limitations (1, 2, 3 or more octaves can be programmed).

Using the keypad, located in a handy position, you can control over forty parameters:

Selectable air pressure for playing drones, first and second octaves separately.

Pressure control, which allows the detuning of the note according to the pressure applied to the bellows or the choice of simply playing with stabilised tuning.

Drone sound elimination.

Tone transport.

Select your desired fingering and personalise it.

Non-blow mode.


The MBS-300 can also use wireless through an (optional) bluetooth device, which gives an incredible sense of security and independence when on stage.

The MBS-300 is compatible with all sound modules on the market, but it is in combination with HEVIA’s own sound collection (which comes free with each MBS-300 unit sold) where the best and most surprising results can be achieved.

Among others, it can sound like Asturian, Galician or Scottish bagpipes, a 16″ or 20″ musette, uilleann pipes, diatonic accordion, flute, whistle, fiddle, binioù-bombard duet, pipeband, etc. In addition to the combination of these elements simultaneously in different instrumental groups (Irish folk ensemble, Scottish folk ensemble, etc.).